Partner Program

Our innovative Partner Program enables you to directly integrate your stock with the Gotrend Fashion Store and manage growth, whilst retaining control over your products, prices and brand representation.
The Partner Program has been created for select brands who would like to take part in the Gotrend experience and who offer products in the following categories: clothing, shoes, accessories and sports.

How It Works

  1. In order to maximize customer-centricity, brands and retailers need to meet certain requirements before partnering with us, such as product quality, assortment, relevance and customer benefit expectations (such as free delivery, 14-day returns etc).
  2. After ensuring brand readiness for the Partner Program, we guide you through the simple administrative set-up, such as contract signing, account and finance set-up.
  3. Next comes our simple integration process, enabling you to synchronize your stock level with our systems.
  4. Once connected, shop assistants log in to our tool via a standard browser and find orders from Gotrend customers. The processing of orders is straightforward and does not require any technical knowledge.
  5. Our team picks and packs the order and the system both automatically notifies the carrier and prints delivery documents.
  6. In store, transactions are booked into your point-of-sale system. We handle the payment process, meaning customers pay us and we transfer these revenues minus commission (for completed and non-returned transactions) to you, once each month.
  7. We support you in your first onboarding and your commercial launch on Gotrend.
1. Easy Connectivity

Gotrend takes care of everything digital, providing the relevant content, customer care, marketing, platform and infrastructure. Connected Retail also comes without upfront investments or costly system integration. The model is essentially risk-free for participating stores, as all costs are variable. Commission is only paid for completed (and non-returned) transactions, and you the store/brand fully control article prices, stock and assortment sold on Gotrend at all times.

2. Higher Sales, Higher Profits

By connecting offline stock to the Gotrend platform, partners can hugely increase sales and profits per square meter. We have designed bespoke commission rates along price points - reflecting profitability variations for different price levels – ranging from 12-20%, depending on the price of the item.

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