Partnership Programs

Here at Gotrend, we not only seek to give our customers the ultimate online shopping experience, but to constantly look out for great brands with whom to partner in order to diversify our variety of products. With the Gotrend Partnership models, we aim to create a collection of local, regional and international brands which will take shopping in Egypt to the next level.

Partnership Models

Partner Program
Boutique program

As a partner of Gotrend, our platform features dashboards and task lists which will flag items requiring your attention – be it confirmation on a purchase order, missing article information or otherwise. Furthermore, the urgent tasks will be highlighted to ensure you’re able to prioritize effectively; the result, minimal impact on both you and our business. Gone are the days of replying to wordy emails; all you need to do is check in with your dashboard as a matter of routine and take action when and where necessary. This allows us to streamline contact and improve efficiency, removing much needless communication – at least the kind you won’t miss, like lengthy email threads with complicated Excel reports attached!

Why Do We Offer Different Models?

Some brands are set up more to cater for wholesale, having worked with offline retailers in the past, whilst others prefer to sell through the partner program. Any brands can work with us through both models and even connect their offline stores to the Gotrend platform for additional inventory. Whichever business model you choose, our partnerships contribute to solving a very important problem in the fashion industry: matching up supply and demand.


We Are Always Happy to Help

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