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Here is where we’ll be posting a series of articles, sharing our in-depth knowledge, and news about various fashion topics, so you can develop a more subtle understanding of fashion news.

Selling On Souq – A Gotrend Guide
July 30 14:07

For any young business here in Egypt, breaking into the online world is fundamental. Selling on Souq might just be the best way to ensure your business gets off to a flying start.

How to Become a Jumia Seller
July 30 14:20

Jumia. It blasted onto the scene a mere 8 years ago and has since changed the eCommerce landscape in Africa to near unrecognisable.

What to Look For in the Best Online Clothes Shops for 2020
September 22 09:34

Let’s face it – it’s the year 2020 and, this year more so than ever thanks to Covid, we’ve all become avid online shoppers. Whether you’re in the market for footwear, new clothes, workout gear or otherwise, there’s something exciting about clicking a few buttons and waiting for your parcel in the mail…

How and Where to Sell Designer Clothes Online
September 22 09:35

The world of fashion is fast-moving, ever-changing and truly an exciting place to be, whether you’re a designer, purveyor or simply a fanatic! One of the few industries that moves faster than fashion is, of course, technology; it’s changed the world we live in, leading to huge adjustments in the way we find, buy and sell fashion, namely with the advent of online shopping.


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