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Here is where we’ll be posting a series of articles, sharing our in-depth knowledge, and news about various fashion topics, so you can develop a more subtle understanding of fashion news.

Gotrend is here – and they’re changing the game for fashion lovers
July 06 14:14

With multiple payment options, quick, convenient shipping and a refreshingly generous return and exchange policy, it’s clear that they stand by their mission.

There are many words we could use to describe Gotrend’s newest partner, Fashion International Group.
July 06 14:14

Class, style, elegance; the list is endless. One of Egypt’s leading retail groups, Fashion International, is the latest to join the ranks of incredible businesses whose amazing brands will be at the forefront of the up-and-coming fashion platform.

The mega-corporation is ready to start selling online with Gotrend
August 31 13:07

Gotrend are serious about taking the online fashion world by storm – starting with the largest fashion retail name in the business.


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