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The role of e-commerce is becoming ever more critical in the technological world as we know it. The whole shopping experience has changed, worldwide, with many people opting to simply click-and-go - waiting in the comfort of their own home for their shopping, rather than heading outside.

The vision of the Gotrend platform is to become the number one online fashion destination in Egypt, helping other players in the industry (such as brands, retailers and emerging designers) tell their stories in the digital world.

Our vision is to make world fashion available to everyone, becoming the number one destination for both emerging and well-established brands. Our extensive collections bring our customers unique style, quality and attention to detail, all under one roof. First impressions count, so from day one our mission has been to make our customers’ the best it can be, starting from the ground up.


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Our slogan is “Make your choices easy” for a reason; here at Gotrend, we are all about customer experience. Combining premier fashion choices with excellent usability, we want to make it as easy as possible for both customers and partners to find what they need – each and every item.

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