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Our Values

Our values are the structure and ethos upon which Gotrend is built. Our core values define what is important and the way we conduct business, both with our colleagues and customers alike.

Demonstrating daily commitment to these values ensures Gotrend’s outstanding service and reputation in the fashion industry:

Customer Oriented
Their experience; our responsibility

Our priority is our customer experience. We love to encourage customer feedback and to hear any thoughts they may want to share, so that we can continually improve our offering. We act with trust, integrity and confidence to better serve our customers.

Put your ego aside and get the job done

We stay humble and trust that personal success comes from making decisions which have our customers’ best interests in mind.

Moving Forward
Work smart, move fast

This is a race; every day matters. We look for big opportunities which we take action without delay and believe that working harder and smarter go hand in hand.

Keep it simple

Simple solutions develop quickly and powerfully. Complex issues are often a sign that we don’t fully understand the problem yet.

Act like an owner

Ownership is about being responsible and moreover accountable to our customers, partners and colleagues – not being entitled. We master our own future and do not depend on external circumstances.

Think big and focus on the details

We keep our eyes on the target and focus on achieving the end goal. At the same time, we keep a firm hold on reality, always ready to delve into details when necessary but without getting stuck there.

Make us better, not bigger

We promote from within and hire talented individuals to shape the company we want to become, not just to fill the roles we need today.

Be your team’s biggest fan

To build strong, cohesive teams, we each give our best and hold one another to our own high standards.


We share information by default to enable informed decision making and flag any challenges early.


We are passionate in all that we do. We make work exciting by being part of a team that makes a difference.

Our Strategy

We strive to become the starting point for our customers, so that when they think fashion, they think Gotrend. Our aim is to achieve this by focusing on building our strategy and continuously improving our offering through technology, innovation and collaboration.

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We’re on the lookout for ambitious, passionate individuals to join our growing team. If the values outlined above sound like you, send an email to to tell us about yourself and learn more about the exciting opportunities here at Gotrend.

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