How to Become a Jumia Seller

July 30   14:20

Jumia. It blasted onto the scene a mere 8 years ago and has since changed the eCommerce landscape in Africa to near unrecognisable. Operating across 14 countries on the continent and generating revenue in excess of $230million yearly, Jumia works with over 80,000 businesses and vendors to provide the public with goods. So, you’re probably wondering, how does my business become a Jumia seller?

There’s a lot to think about before you become a Jumia seller, from considering your own business goals to having plans in place to scale if you need to. When you become a Jumia seller, you’re opening your products up to the potential of millions of pairs of eyes each year – so here are the things to be mindful of:

  • Exposure is everything – Jumia gets more than 35 million views per month. Can you keep up with the potential demand?
  • Pricing is important – in general, Jumia tries to offer great, affordable pricing on the products it offers to consumers. Can your business maintain profit when you become a Jumia seller?
  • Competition is real – research will be needed to determine your micro-market (i.e. fashion accessories, footwear or clothing) within Jumia’s online marketplace. Have you fully researched your competitors and considered where and how your business will appear against theirs?
become a jumia seller

If you still feel that becoming a Jumia seller could be beneficial to your business, there are some quality checks which Jumia will make to ensure you fit their spec. What rules do you need to adhere to in order to become a Jumia seller?

  • Fast turnarounds – all Jumia sellers must adhere to a 24-hour shipping policy, allowing customers to receive their products quickly and efficiently.
  • New products only – that is, nothing second-hand or refurbished. When you become a Jumia seller, you’re permitted to sell brand new products only, regardless of the condition.
  • Pricing parity – the items you sell on Jumia must be priced at the same as elsewhere – that is, you must sell your products on Jumia equal to all other platforms.

In truth, it seems that many businesses do give up part-way through the process of becoming a Jumia seller due to the sheer size and scope of the company; working with a marketplace of Jumia’s scale can be daunting, to say the least. But the growth potential it offers small and large businesses alike is unparalleled on the African continent.

So, the next step to become a Jumia seller: the set up!

First of all, you’ll need to register to become a Jumia seller and provide the platform with your business’ details including contact number, email address, bank account details and location – the usual. This helps Jumia understand the practical details about your business.

New Seller Training

Unbeknownst to some, when anyone is to become a Jumia seller they have to undergo a short online training session in order to help you become an “eCommerce expert in minutes”. This helps you get the most out of being a Jumia seller and ensures a seamless, quality experience for customers, too.

List Your Products

Ensure you accurately list each product you’d like to sell on Jumia and add as much detail as possible, to guide customers to your listing. It’s time to start selling.

become a jumia seller

The eCommerce giant that is Jumia has undoubtedly seen a surge in customers since the pandemic outbreak, with much of the public now relying on internet shopping to provide everything they need. As a business looking to break into the online world, now could be the right time to become a Jumia seller.

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