How and Where to Sell Designer Clothes Online

September 22   09:35

The world of fashion is fast-moving, ever-changing and truly an exciting place to be, whether you’re a designer, purveyor or simply a fanatic! One of the few industries that moves faster than fashion is, of course, technology; it’s changed the world we

live in, leading to huge adjustments in the way we find, buy and sell fashion, namely with the advent of online shopping.

As a result, as an up-and-coming fashion label in Egypt, it can be challenging to know how and where to sell designer clothes online. In a world with so much choice at the tips of our customers’ fingers, understanding your target market and moreover

how to capture their attention couldn’t be more important. Which is why we’ve put together some tips and resources for the best places to sell designer clothes online in Egypt this year. Have a read below:


How to sell designer clothes online tip #1: 

Make sure your photography is doing you justice.

Simply put, investing in professional photography and providing potential customers with a real idea of the beauty and quality of your garments are going to increase the number of people who choose to purchase them. After all, the goal here is to sell

designer clothes online – you need to give customers an accurate view of how the clothes look and show them off to their full potential, in order to entice people to click that all-important ‘checkout’ button.

Take care to provide enough photos which ensure your customers can get a real feel for the material, shape, design and quality; they need to feel, from the care put into your photography, that your clothes will follow at the same level.


How to sell designer clothes online tip #2: 

Provide detailed, well-written product descriptions.

Despite all we have to say about photography, it isn’t the only factor in helping to sell designer clothes online. It’s imperative that you include an informational product description for each piece in your collection, including technical details (materials

breakdown, sizing etc). This will help potential customers understand exactly how the garment has been designed, and is simply another route for you to tell them how amazing your product line is!

In a traditional shop, the customer can touch, feel and see each garment. Online, this isn’t so; therefore, you’ll need to go all-out to sell designer clothes online and build trust with your prospects. A careful mix of both of the above points will go a long way to increasing sales.


How to sell designer clothes online tip #3: 

Work on building a base of honest reviews from real customers.

Millennials and Gen Z are driven by social proof – that is, being able to see that real people have purchased these products, and hearing their thoughts about them. Be sure to try and engage with each customer after a sale to encourage them to leave you a positive review on either Google or your social media channels (ideally both); the more positive reviews you have, the easier it will become to sell designer clothes online.

On top of outstanding photography and beautifully crafted product descriptions, a plethora of 5-star reviews for your potential customers to pick through will be the icing on the cake, and a sure-fire way to help sell your designer clothes online.


How to sell designer clothes online tip #4: 

Maximize your reach by engaging with effective online fashion partners.

Sure, having your own brand website is important. But there are already many platforms out there, including Souq, Jumia and of course Gotrend, whose success in selling fashion online provide a fantastic basis for boosting your own. Engaging with partners such as ourselves to sell designer clothes online is a sure-fire way to ensure that your label is seen by the right people – those who are primed and ready to spend money and shop fashion. Not only this, you’re also able to take advantage of the exceptional operational models in place – such as already established shipping, returns and exchange processes – meaning less work, more sales.

As an emerging fashion label here in Egypt, what more could you ask for?

If you’d like to learn more about how partnering with Gotrend could not only streamline your process but actually lead to an uplift in sales and brand exposure, we’d love to talk.

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